Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to Japan!

Hi, everyone!

Do you remember Jeff? He is a student of UMD and studying Japanese. Sunday, he arrived Japan! Masahiro and I went to pick up him at the airport. After two hour driving , we arrived in Masahiro's room and we went to eat out. We talked many things about each other's language and culture.  His Japanese is very good and he studies Japanese with eagerness. So I think I have to study English and German like him!

Yesterday, I got a e-mail from Nadav. He wrote it at airport. So, he came to Japan yesterday afternoon!

I want to keep in touch with them in Japan:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Came back to Japan


Yesterday I arrived to my home at 8:30PM. Of course, first, I called my girl friend! I wanted to tell her all of this two weeks. But there were too many things and I had no idea what I should tell her first.
After talking, I was sleeping for 14 hours! In spite of sleep for 10 hours in plane and bus.

The days we spent in MARYLAND was great! Thank you Joe, Mike, Nikki, Heather, Nina and AGU members! I didn't expect the program would be so awesome!
Someday, I want to go to Maryland and meet with you!

 I don't like writing in English. It takes long long time to write and I can't express my feelings well. But I'll keep blogging in English. Because I want to keep in touch with you and I have to practice English to talk with you more! 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Post in the United States

Tuesday was the last day to go to the Washington D.C. First, we went to the Capitol Building. It has a more impressive exterior than the Diet Building in Japan (kokkai-gizidou). The tour was very interesting. Next, we went to see the White House. Mike told me the meaning of the flag and maybe there was the President in the White House.

Yesterday, we visited The Gordon W. Prange Collection at University of Maryland. There were many published matter which was censored by GHQ in 1945-1949.I was very surprised because there are not only journal and newspaper but also books for child. I wanted to see thoroughly but we had a little time. If I have a chance, I’d like to go to there again.

After that we played boring, went to shopping and played Mini Golf. I played Mini Golf with Masahiro and Mike. Mike is very good at Mini Golf, so he won our competition! On the contrary, I’m poor at playing Mini-Golf and I was the last man of the three. But I don’t care because I enjoyed playing!

Tomorrow, we have to go back to Japan but I don’t want to. I hope our last day and night will be happy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yesterday, we visited the Voice of America. Voice of America is the press and they report in many kinds of language. I think it is important to know what is happening now and Voice of America gives a chance to get to know for many people.

After visiting, we had a happy lunch time with Joe! We talked a lot about relationship!!

In the evening, we all went to the Nikki’s House! It was a very very big house and there are many many amusements!! We ate delicious foods, we played many games and we talked a lot about each other. It was a great time. Kei, Sachi, Sae and I were very excited at pinball. We played it five times or more!! Thank you Nikki!

On the way to the Hotel, Senpai told us about “Panda virus”. You must be careful when you view the website of the Zoo, otherwise your PC icons become Panda!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 7-10

Thursday, we visited Inter-American Development Bank and learned about it.

Friday, we went to the Baltimore. First, we visited the American Visionary Art Museum, where there are many arts and some of them are related to religion. It was difficult to understand but I’m very interested. Some people did only shopping in the AVAM, and I think it was a waste of time. They missed a chance to see the great arts!! After that we took Water Taxi. The view from it was a beautiful (but water is blown…). In the evening, we saw the baseball game. To tell the truth, I don’t like any ball game. But I enjoyed the atmosphere and it was very fun!

Saturday, we traveled to the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Air & Space Museum. I especially like the latter because I’m interested in mechanics. Unfortunately, we had a little time and I couldn’t see all things in the museum. Afterwards, we went back to College Park and ate dinner with Joe. It was also very fun.

Sunday, we visited the National Museum of Natural History. There are very big gems. I think it is beautiful but too big! I prefer gemstone to gem. Because gemstone has the natural beauty! After that we went to the Washington Monument. It is a tall tower. The view from monument was very nice! We can see the White House clearly.

There were many many interesting things, so I can't write about all of them. If you want to know my experience more, I can tell you directly!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who is the killer?

Yesterday, we saw two Youtube videos about the boycott of the Beijing Olympics and we talked about it. It is a difficult topic and we couldn’t discuss it so much. But it is very important thing and we have to think about it from now on.

After that, went to the Newseum which is located on Pennsylvania Avenue. In the Newseum, we saw many things related to media. And display of 9.11 is unforgettable.

In the evening, we went to the Chinatown with Nikki. So, our dinner was Chinese foods. The taste was very good but I drank too much water because the waiter pour poured the water into my cup so often!

After we came back College Park, we played card games. Nikki taught us new games: Mafia and Spoon. It was very excited. And I think she is very good mayor!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sandwich with potato chips

Yesterday, we met Dr. Marie Hallion again! She is a very delightful person and I like her very much. After we had a lunch with Marie and Shania, we took a lecture class about history of United States. It is little difficult for me to understand everything because my English vocabulary is poor and I don’t have the knowledge of history. But it was very interesting. And when I go back Japan, I want to study about diplomatic history of U.S.

Afterwards we went to Pentagon City shopping mall with Mike, Joe and his two friends, and Shania. Mike wore a suit and I think it looks becoming on him. In the mall, I got some gift. Emily and Saaya helped me to choice the gift. If there were no help, I couldn’t even go in to the shop!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is it SUSHI!?

Yesterday, Masahiro and I met with two UM students, Jeff and Steve, and had soda with them. They are studying Japanese and very good at Japanese. Steve likes car and we talked about cars. He said that he doesn’t like big car, but I think his TOYOTA SOARA is big enough! Jeff is familiar with Japanese animation so he is a little otaku (He had ever seen Eva, Ghost-in-the-shell, Haruhi, and also Grenragan!) and his ability to using chopstick is better than me. On September, he will come to Japan and study at the KEIO UNIVERSITY for 11months! So, I hope we will meet again and go to karaoke together!

In the evening, mentors took us to the Kennedy Center for a free jazz concert. We had a very good time! After that, we went to the sushi restaurant. It was a very interesting experience, but its taste was pretty bad. Sushi roll was very spicy and cucumber was something strange!!

Another interesting experience is smoking cigar. I smoked Joe’s cigar, it was my first time to smoke cigar, the taste is much better than cigarette! However, it is difficult for me to not to smoke inside my lung. If I have a chance, I’ll try it again. Thank you Joe!
However, store which Joe took me was not so good. But it’s OK! It was a interesting too!

Today, we will meet Dr. Marie again. I’m look forward to see her!
See you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Crab cake!

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday, we went to Alexandria and saw a lot of traditional buildings. But the most impressive thing was shopping at a candy store. There are many kinds of candy (very colorful and American taste!) and we can sample all of these! After walking, we had a crab cake for lunch. Next, we went to Georgetown by boat. In Georgetown, Joe took us to a good clothing store (In another store, every clothing is too big for me.). So I bought two T-shirts.

At night, all of us were very tired. Especially, Masahiro and Lisa. Masahiro, Lisa and I took the energy drink in Saturday night and we didn't get sleep whole night!! I think We had to take energy drink again. American energy drink is very powerful!

I have no time to write everything.
See you next post!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arrived at MARYLAND!

Yesterday, we arrived at MARYLAND! It takes 13hours from Narita to Washington, D.C. And the flight was a bore. When I got to Airport, I was very tired and wanted to sleep. However, my tiredness and sleepiness faded away when I saw the mentors (Nikki, Mike and Joe). They are very friendly and interesting.

After checking in, mentors took us to dinner. We went to “Noodles & Co” with Joe. Joe recommended two noodles and I had one of these (I can’t remember the name) and drank Root beer (I like it but it’s hard to find in Japan!). My friend Masahiro had Thai noodles (Joe’s favorite!) and it was too sweet for him, I think. On our way to hotel, we ate Cold stone ice cream and bought some drinks and foods in CVS. CVS is a big convenience store and we had a lot of fun!

Before we go to bed, we talked with Joe about university, family, his iPhone, etc. After it, we went to room and slept deeply.