Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sandwich with potato chips

Yesterday, we met Dr. Marie Hallion again! She is a very delightful person and I like her very much. After we had a lunch with Marie and Shania, we took a lecture class about history of United States. It is little difficult for me to understand everything because my English vocabulary is poor and I don’t have the knowledge of history. But it was very interesting. And when I go back Japan, I want to study about diplomatic history of U.S.

Afterwards we went to Pentagon City shopping mall with Mike, Joe and his two friends, and Shania. Mike wore a suit and I think it looks becoming on him. In the mall, I got some gift. Emily and Saaya helped me to choice the gift. If there were no help, I couldn’t even go in to the shop!


Nikki said...

That was nice of you to buy gifts for people back in Japan. What types of things did you buy?

Nina Liakos said...

I am glad Dr. Hallion's lecture has inspired you to want to learn more about this fascinating topic!

Don't you like shopping? I hate to shop. I think it's difficult to find gifts which are not too expensive or large and will not break. And it's pretty much impossible to find anything that is made in the USA these days--almost everything is made in China or other countries! And I really dislike shopping for myself (especially for clothes). I am not interested in fashion and prefer clothes which are comfortable. I can wear the same clothes for years!


Hiromi said...

Hello again, Ryohei!
I'm glad to know that you enjoyed the class. ^^ Learning English enables you to know more about different cultures and things that you can't learn in Japanese. So, let's keep trying! ^^